Kawasaki 50cc ATV—The KFX50

If you are looking for a Kawasaki 50cc ATV that you could buy for your child or a friend’s child, then all you have to do is find dealers of the Kawasaki KFX50.

The 50cc ATV is manufactured in order to allow young, aggressive and adventurous riders at least 6 years old. When it comes to choosing the best size of ATV for a new rider, the 50cc ATV is the way to go. There are kids who just can’t wait till he reaches 16 years old so he can ride a motorized vehicle. The good news is young children can ride a motorized vehicle. It may not be in a form of a car, but the ATV is definitely motorized and needs the use of fuel in order to function.

One of the top brands of the 50cc models is that of Kawasaki known as the KFX50. Below is an outline of the wonderful features of the KFX50.

  • Has full floorboards for extra comfort and safety
  • A four-stroke, air-cooled, single cylinder engine which promotes environment protection
  • Stable handlebars so the rider can have a solid grip
  • Adjustable throttle stop
  • Continuously variable transmission
  • Speed limiter
  • Lanyard safety switch
  • Keyed ignition switch to prevent child from operating the vehicle with parent’s knowledge
  • Electric starting system
  • Single-shock swingarm rear suspension
  • A-arm front suspension
  • Dual front drum brakes
  • Single rear disc brakes

The available colors for the KFX50 are lime green and sunbeam red. It will be a good choice if you do your shopping with Kawasaki dealers or through its official website so you can select the Good Times Protection Plan along with your purchase. While the KFX50 comes with a 6-month unlimited mileage warranty, you can also opt for an extended warranty to as long as four years. This plan offers the repairs or replacements of parts without charge if found malfunctioning in material or workmanship.

Suzuki 50cc ATV—The QuadSport Z50

Suzuki is among the top companies in the ATV-making industry. Along with Honda, Polaris, Kawasaki, and Yamaha on the list of the top earning ATV companies in the United States, Suzuki has been an authority in the ATV market selling these off-road vehicles with models for riders 6 to 60 years old or above. Yes, the Suzuki 50cc ATV is also available for the young rider. If you think that they only have models for older riders then you got it all wrong.

If there is any company that should be recognized for introducing the four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle, credits go to the American Suzuki Motors Corporation. In 1983, it took the lead in introducing the first four-wheeled ATV in the country. The model is known as the QuadRunner LT 125. Since then, other companies followed in manufacturing the four-wheeled ATVs and soon after the three-wheeled ATVs lost their magic. By now, we refer to the ATV as that which has four wheels, and they are used for racing, recreation, or utility.

As for Suzuki 50cc four-wheeled ATVs, they have the QuadSport Z50 designed for the young rider with features that allow for smooth and powerful ride as well as full parental control attributes to ensure a well supervised ride for the child.

Buying the QuadSport Z50 as a present to a child is easy. Suzuki’s official website is a good place to go where you may do your online shopping. The ATV will be delivered right to your doorstep in no time. You may also check out local Suzuki stores nearest your area.

If you want to see for yourself first how the ATV looks like before making your final purchase then you may search for Suzuki dealers online. On the official site of Suzuki you may search for dealers across the country.

Kazuma 50cc ATV Model: The Wombat

Kazuma USA is among the many companies that manufacture and sell good quality all-terrain vehicles. They have many sizes to choose from, and if you are looking for a Kazuma 50cc ATV to buy for your child at least 6 years old there are many dealers that you can find over the Internet with whom you can make transactions with.

Just like most youth ATVs today, the Kazuma Wombat 50cc ATV has a 49cc displacement, air-cooled, four-stroke, single cylinder engine. Its ignition comes with an electric starting system and an automatic clutch transmission allows the child to explore four speeds. There are front and rear drum brakes. As for the seat height, it rises to 22.4 inches and the vehicle’s maximum seed is 24 km/hour or 15 miles per hour.

Since this vehicle is intended for young riders who are skilled at riding and are at least 6 years old, the following features make this model safe for kids:

  • kill switch for easy turning off of the engine;
  • a speed restrictor so parents can control the speed of the running vehicle; this is especially beneficial among first time  young riders;
  • head light to enable kids to ride at night nearby;
  • hand brake so the vehicle can be parked anywhere without moving;
  • extra large brake so that the child can easily stop the vehicle without missing on the pads; and
  • an emergency engine cut off rear control; this is a feature which allows a parent to walk behind the vehicle while holding a cord attached at the rear part of the ATV. If in case the child loses balance or control the parent can simply pull the cord and the engine immediately shuts off.

If you are worried about the noise this vehicle makes, it is only at 35 decibels which is relatively very quiet. The Wombat 50 is available in red, green, blue and yellow colors.

Yamaha 50cc ATV Model: The Raptor 50

Along with Polaris, Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki which are the top names in the manufacturing of all-terrain vehicles, Yamaha has made its mark first by introducing three-wheeled ATVs and then later on venturing also to the sale of four-wheeled ATVs. Since a growing number of children are also into the sport of ATV riding, a Yamaha 50cc ATV model will always be among the top list of the most purchased youth ATVs in the market.

Yamaha’s Raptor 50 which was first introduced in 2008 is the right size for the young child at least 6 years old who is very new to the motorized vehicle. If your child has been into riding an electric ATV in his earlier years he will not have a very hard time getting used to with the motorized ones.

Here is a summary of the Raptor 50’s features and specifications, which is basically a smaller prototype of the bodywork of Yamaha’s 700R model:

  • 49cc air-cooled, single cylinder, four-stroke engine which requires low maintenance and provides a clean, reliable, and smooth ride; and environmentally friendly, too.
  • Electric  start button
  • Primary Shaft drive for a maintenance-free drive system
  • Large fuel capacity at 1.8 gallons
  • Automatic transmission for a clutch- and shift-less drive
  • Adjustable throttle limiter
  • Handlebar-mounted parking brake
  • Front dual sealed drum brakes
  • Rear sealed drum brakes
  • Rear tires with Dunlop AT 16 x 8-7
  • Front tires with Dunlop AT 16 x 7-7
  • 6-month warranty

Buying the Yamaha Raptor 50 may be done on Yamaha’s official website or you may also choose to contact the dealer nearest you. Either way, you will fully enjoy all the specifications and features of the ATV as well as the limited warranty provided to its customers. When your child becomes more adept and skilled in riding you may slowly introduce him to bigger sizes of ATVs. You need not necessarily buy him right away. Many ATV parks and tracks offer ATV rentals for your child to try on and get accustomed to.

Basic But Powerful Features of the Polaris 50cc ATV

If you are looking for an excellent model to buy for your son’s or daughter’s first motorized all-terrain vehicle, then you must consider the Outlaw 50 model of Polaris Industries. We know for a fact that Polaris is among the great names in ATV manufacturing and the company has even made it to the top 5 ATV companies to sell the most ATVs for 2010.  A Polaris 50cc ATV is a wonderful gift for your child, especially when he or she has been keenly interested in learning how to ride a gas-powered ATV, or has outgrown riding on electric ATVs and wanting to go for more challenging rides.

Gas-powered ATVs are more challenging for kids because electric ones have a built that cannot sustain rough terrains. Most electric ATVs for young children are considered to ride-on toys. So if your child wants to go for outrageous rides on different types of terrain then a Polaris Outlaw 50 is the ATV to buy!

The basic features of a Polaris Outlaw 50 which highlight its safety characteristics are:

  • daytime running lights
  • parent-adjustable throttle limiter
  • safety tether
  • flag

Aside from the above mentioned, the Outlaw 50 also has a two-wheel drive, automatic private transmission so your child won’t have to step on clutches the way we drive cars; front and rear suspension which are strong and reliable for long travel or use; and a 49cc stroke engine with electric starting system.

One of the amazing things that this model offers to customers aside from the features we may see on their official website is the fact that the vehicle can even run through snow. Therefore, not only will your child be amazed at riding on it during the summer, he can have all the fun that he wants with his ATV in the winter as well. This could also be a great opportunity for you and your child to bond together. When children are having fun with the ATV, even when you allow them to ride for fun, you may tell him to do some simple chores and he will gladly do it as long as he do not stop from riding the ATV. For example, you can ask him to transfer light loads from one place to another at the backyard.

Youth 50cc ATV and Matters Parents Must Know Before Allowing Their Child to Ride

There comes a point in a child’s age when he knows for himself when he is capable of doing an activity which may sound outrageous to us. One of these activities could be riding an ATV. Even when we do not feel like allowing them to do so, kids are good at convincing their parents especially when their eyes light up during conversation. A youth 50cc ATV is the smallest size of ATV they may start riding at age six. You may be left wondering as to how to justify the purchase of a motorized vehicle at such a tender age. Well, let this article help you!

  • ATVs can become great outdoor vehicles to motivate your child to be involved with sports. By now, this country has been plagued with numerous off-road tracks or parks which are child-friendly. Whenever you get bored with the usual bonding activities you have, you can bring your whole family to a motocross track.
  • If your family is going for a holiday at national forests, your children must have experienced riding ATVs because there are countless national forest or state parks across the country which have ATV trails that your family can pass through while on board an ATV as you do your sightseeing to the most beautiful scenic mountains, valleys, plateaus, lakes, rivers and wooded areas.
  • Does grandpa on both sides own a farm? When you’re off to a vacation on the rural areas, your young child riding the 50cc ATV can always help around the farm in completing not-so-heavy tasks. It becomes a great training ground for him to understand the value of hard work and having fun at the same time.
  • ATVs can become fantastic snow plows during the winter. You only need to choose those ATVs that can be attached with snow blades so your child can also do his part in removing snow from pathways or the backyard while riding his ATV.

Brands to Look Out for When Looking for 110cc ATV for Sale

Ever since the first models of all-terrain vehicles were released in the late 1980’s, their popularity has been an ever-growing scenario that even kids are into riding these off-road vehicles both for recreation and sports. We now have seen exceptional kids who ride on their ATVs not only for the purpose of fun and enjoyment, but also for more challenging rides to the level of racing. From 6 to 16 years old, several sizes of ATV may be ridden in specific order; that means as the child gets older the size of his ATV should also be fitting to his age: 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 100cc, 110cc, 125cc, and 250cc. There are standard policies with regards to the use of ATVs by children and parents should be aware of that and they must follow it by all means to ensure the safety of the kids, more especially the younger ones. 50cc sizes of ATV are meant for children at least 6 years old. As he reaches the ages beyond 6 and is more capable and skilled at riding then he can go up to the 70cc ATVs. The 90cc ATV is intended for children at least 12 years old. The higher sizes may be used for ages beyond 12 depending also on the maturity and experience of the adolescent rider. Therefore, if your child is beyond 12 years old, you may always look for 100cc or 110cc ATV for sale through the Internet, newspaper classifieds, or ATV magazines.

Despite current moves to abolish the use of ATVs by young kids, many manufacturers have still gained the support of many ATV enthusiasts to continue on with their promise of building safe and high quality all-terrain vehicles for the youth. After all, while as parents we may be consumed by our desire to help them become academic achievers at school, we must not take for granted the fact that outdoor activities also help in making the child a well-rounded person.

When looking for an ATV of 110cc sizes, the best names include the Hensim Tierra 110cc, Honda’s 2007 110cc, Kawasaki 110cc quad, Polaris 110cc quad, Kazuma Falcon or Baby Falcon 110, Kazuma Lacoste 110 and Ketmoto 110cc ATV.

Some Tips on How to Increase the Life Span of a Mini 50cc ATV

No matter how durable or high quality a mini 50cc ATV may be, it will never reach its maximum lifespan if it is not properly taken care of. Even when you brag about having bought the most expensive ATV recently released you will never use it for a long time or even pass it on to the younger kids in the house if you do not take measures in performing regular check-ups and other ways to improve and last its performance. Moreover, when it is used by active and extremely playful kids and you don’t set rules on their use, you may find the ATV losing its magic and regret having paid so much for an ATV.

It is suggested that owners of ATVs be mindful of the ATV storage location’s temperature. This is especially crucial to owners living in the coldest states. Generally, an ATV should be stored at a room with temperature control systems because some brands may only stand on temperatures at least 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This is usually stated on the manufacturer’s manuals. If you are buying online, check with the dealer through e-mail or a phone call. Buying personally will allow you to see the manual for yourself before making the final purchase.

Let us now proceed to the most crucial parts of an ATV that need regular maintenance. The air filter is prone to tiny particles that may clog it and will later limit the vehicle’s performance. The same thing goes with the oil filter, and you must ensure that clean oil is always ready before and after the spring. Just like cars, the tires of the ATV must be in good condition and the pressure appropriate. As your child keeps riding his 50cc-sized ATV, there will always be a chance that a bolts and nuts will get loose. Check them every once in a while to make sure they are holding tight so they won’t fall.

The Best 50cc ATV in the Market

Since the popularity of all-terrain vehicles dating back in the late 1980’s a lot of the most known ATC companies have included in their lines models aimed at getting the loyalty of young children and their parents. As you may have known now, children as young as 6 years old can begin learning how to ride the ATV as long as you make sure that he is in proper ATV gear and you are there to supervise him. Although it is a standard guideline that only a 6-year-old can begin riding the best 50cc ATV available out there, it is still inevitable to observe that once ATV riding runs in the family, younger kids may begin may start riding on this motorized vehicle before reaching the age of six within the home’s yard or pavement.

You may also introduce your child to some training courses that teach your child responsible and safe ATV riding. This becomes very useful to parents with aggressive and independent-minded children who may be so tough off-road that listening to and following mommy’s or daddy’s instructions may be taken for granted (well, you know kids!). Instructors in these training schools are good at explaining to children what it means by safe and responsible riding. Your child will also get the chance to try riding on a groomed track. While they are learning new things about ATV riding, they are also making friends with fellow riders.

If you want to start off your child with the best brands in the market that have flexible features allowing more room for your child to use the ATV as he grows, you may choose between the Polaris or the Suzuki 50cc all-terrain vehicle.

Polaris Industries’ Outlaw 50 and Suzuki’s QuadSport Z50 have similar features. They have specifications which allow for smooth, comfortable, firmly gripped, and clutch-less riding for your child. Both have parental control characteristics which allow parents and guardians to still have control over the vehicle even when it is on the move.

Used 50cc ATV- Its Value and Finding Them in Print or Online

The Internet and newspaper classifieds are the most common venues who are out looking for used 50cc ATV. In these difficult financial times, it is just practical for parents to make the most of their money by buying items for their children’s fun and enjoyment at lesser costs instead of going with the more expensive, branded ones.

Of course, there is really nothing wrong if you want to buy the brand new ATVs if you have the extra money to do so. Yet, for the parents who do not have much but will do whatever it takes to improve their children’s well-rounded personality they can just do with secondhand ones. Besides, children grow so fast. Sometimes, as soon as they learn and are more skilled in riding the ATV, the 50cc ATV they have begun using at six years old may become too small for them and you will need to buy another bigger ATV. It is only practical to start them with the cheaper ATVs, and then begin investing on the higher quality ATVs when they reach 12 to 16 years old. These are ages when rising is not only for recreation but for completing chores as well around the yard or the barn.

By surfing the Internet, you will notice that many websites dedicated to the world of ATV have destination tabs linking you to resources for buying used ATVs across the country. Some ATV magazines with online counterparts also have a similar feature. With regards to newspaper classifieds, you will find dealers and owners with contact information and specific details of the ATV in their ad page. This becomes very helpful to those who have no enough time to use the Internet on their search and a newspaper is more accessible on a daily basis. Whichever way you are comfortable, you may do your shopping for the 50cc all-terrain vehicle by print or online.